Skills for Health

Skills for Health (opens new window) working with the Alcohol Improvement Programmes Workforce Development and Training Group have developed a range of nationally transferable roles for alcohol practitioners. The following roles have been designed to provide a structured approach to developing relevant, transferable and nationally endorsed roles that can be used across different locations and services, with the flexibility to add locally relevant competences where required.

  • Provision of IBA (Identification and Brief Advice)
  • Specialist Alcohol Worker
  • Alcohol Service Coordinator

View the roles here

The full range of national role templates which includes competences required for the role, career framework level descriptors and indicative learning and development needs can be viewed here (opens new window).


The DH 'Guidelines for Commissioning IBA Training' provides guidance on IBA learning requirements and performing against the competence described in the NOS AH10 Employ techniques to help individuals to adopt sensible drinking behaviour. The IBA Primary Care RCN accredited elearning course adheres to these competences, but it is the responsibility of the employer/employee to ensure that learning outcomes are applied and assessed.


The Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards (DANOS) 'cover most of the substance misuse tasks & activities relevant to the field' (FDAP) and DANOS guides are available for both practitioners and commissioners

The FDAP's developing the workforce pages provide more information about DANOS, and other competences including the timeline for delivery of DANOS standards.

The Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP) publishes a code of practice for drug and alcohol workers and useful guidance about DANOS and professional conduct:

FDAP Code of Practice