Managing Alcohol in the Workplace

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Drinking can reduce the productivity of the UK economy in a number of ways. This occurs through:

  • increased sickness absence: drinking 7+ (for women) or 14+ (for men) units per week raises the likelihood of absence from work through injury by 20 per
  • the inability to work (unemployment and early retirement)
  • premature deaths among economically active people (people of working

Combined, these three factors account for a total alcohol-related output loss to the UK economy of up to £6.4bn.

(Strategy Unit Alcohol Harm Reduction project, Interim Analytical Report for the National Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy. 2003)

It is important that organisations in Local Strategic Partnerships working to reduce alcohol harm have workplace alcohol policies and encourage other agencies to do likewise. (AIP 2009)

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Managing Drug and Alcohol Misuse at Work (opens new window) Report on the CIPD survey looking at policies and procedures testing, managing and supporting employees with drug and/or alcohol problems, recruitment of individuals with previous drug and/or alcohol problems, disciplinary action and drug and alcohol misuse at work, rehabilitation of employees with drug or alcohol problems. (CIPD
Sept. 2007)

Running Alcohol Campaigns in the Workplace: a guide for HR professionals (opens new window) DH and CIPD guidance and activity pack

The CIPD (opens new window) also produces, Managing drug and alcohol misuse at work: a guide for people management professionals (opens new window), a guide for HR professionals, but this is restricted to CIPD members.

Health and Safety Executive

Don't mix it- A guide for employers on alcohol at work

HSE guide aimed at small and medium-sized businesses which deals with alcohol-related problems at work. It reaffirms the Government's commitment in The Health of the Nation 1 to encourage employers to intr duce workplace alcohol policies and evaluate their impact.

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"It is important that all businesses are aware of the potential impact of drink and drugs to their bottom line, and have in place an effective and robust workplace policy that clearly outlines a company's rules and procedures for dealing with substance misuse."

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