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including Skills for Health and Managing Alcohol in the Workplace



Guidelines for Commissioning Identification and Brief Advice Training



IBA e-learning

The 45minute to an hour Alcohol IBA course can be accessed via our e-learning pages. There are currently e-learning pathways in Primary Care, Pharmacy, Hospital and Dental Settings.




IBA Training the Trainer

The AIP ran a series of national IBA Training the Trainer Pilot courses earlier in the year that proved to be a huge success. The workbook should be used in conjunction with the commissioning guidance. View the workbook below, and the training commissioning guidance here.




IBA Videos/Podcasts




The following presentations can be used as training aids to provide context for commissioning or IBA training. They provide information about alcohol harm including conditions and costs, the high impact changes, IBA and associated Primary care pathways and read codes.



IBA Trainers Discussion Forum

A dedicated IBA Trainers forum where you can ask questions and share information.