IBA e-Learning background

The Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice e-learning (Alcohol IBA) resource has been designed to help you identify individuals whose drinking might be impacting on their health. It will enable you to give simple, structured advice and has been developed in partnership with e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) (opens new window).

There are four e-learning courses available, you should access the e-learning course that is most appropriate to your profession.

  • Alcohol IBA in Primary Care
  • Alcohol IBA in Community Pharmacy
  • Alcohol IBA in Hospital Settings
  • Alcohol IBA in Dental Settings

These courses have been designed to provide the skills and understanding to deliver alcohol IBA in line with the National Occupational Standard AH10 - 'Work with individuals to encourage a reduction in harmful alcohol consumption and drinking behaviour'.

The sessions will help you understand alcohol units, the different terms used to describe drinking levels and the risk and implications on excessive drinking carries (physical, mental, and social). The resource takes you through the evidence of how Alcohol IBA can reduce the scale of this harm by explaining and demonstrating tools to identify alcohol consumption levels. The final stage of the e-learning resource is an assessment to test your knowledge gained and enables you to access a record of completing this course.

If you have an NHS email address, you can undertake the course on the e-LfH learning management system, which will enable you to bookmark your place in the course. The system will also keep a record of the learning you have undertaken.