Transfer of ongoing detox in-pt detox into community setting

sue morris 23/05/14 General Questions & Answers

We are looking into models/pathways for the transfer of patients (from acute beds) into community settings i.e community team taking over the completion of detox started in general hospital setting.
Would appreciate the sharing of any expereinces links etc

Sue Morris
Alcohol Care Team BRI

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Liz Osbourne 12/08/14

Hi Sue
We are attempting this in KEnt, we are just waiting for final sign off on the protocol by the acute trust.

I would be happy to seek permission to share this once it is done if that is of any help. I notice you posted your question a while ago so you may well of already found a solution.

It has taken a long time for us to reach this point, but we are finally nearly there. If I can save you the pain I will.


Greg Lee 23/01/15

As a nurse working in the community in a substance misuse service and previously as an Alcohol Liaison Nurse I am interested in the possibilty of continued detoxes in the community following a hospital stay. Was there any further development on this?



Vanessa Furness 10/04/15

We are looking at developing a pathway in Jersey to continue detox at home now our team has expanded. Would you be able to share your pathway with us??

my email is [log in to view email address]

Elizabeth Thomas 23/04/15

We are also looking at introducing something like this in Manchester. I'm wondering, what would people say would be the evidence base for rationale for attempting something like this?

Many thanks, any help would be much appreciated!

Elizabeth Thomas 23/04/15

I'm assuming the rationale would be around a) reducing incidences of repeated detox (so reducing possible kindling) b) reducing bed nights for patients who may 'bounce in and out' otherwise and c) to improve patient experience- I just can't find any documents to back this up per se!

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