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Michael Proctor 22/08/15 General Questions & Answers


Could anyone advise a standard dose and frequency for Pabrinex IM as prophylaxis, to be integrated into a prescribed community alcohol detox please.

Thank you in advance :-)


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Natasha Diaz 23/08/15

Hi Michael

I have always used IM Pabrinex according to the Archimedes guidelines of 1 pair BD for 7 days. 1 pair consists of vial 1 = 5mls and vial 2 = 2mls so 7mls total dose).

Several years ago I went to a Pabrinex study day and met several community alcohol workers who reported successfully using IM Pabrinex in the community, especially with the homeless and difficult to engage. I work in an acute hospital setting so mainly use IV Pabrinex. Would you be able to share your community detox policy as I am looking into formulating a pathway from acute care into the community and I would like to see how other services work.

Whereabouts do you work?

Kind regards

Natasha Diaz
Senior Substance Misuse Nurse
Substance2Solution- Northamptonshire CRI
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Adrian Brown 26/08/15

I have attached the most recent Archimedes clinical leaflet, which is aimed at IV on wards, but they have a handy card sized info sheet which says the same as Natasha stated. I'll see if I have a scan of that.

Our practice when we gave parenterovite, back in the 90s was one of each once a day, on arrival for daily dispensing of detox meds (ie chlordiazepoxide).

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Michael Proctor 29/09/15

Thanks for the reply Natasha :) I would really like to share that information with you but unfortunately we appear to be in the same boat as you.Taking early discharges from a hospital setting into the community is something I will attempt to address in the near future I hope.

Kind Regards,


Michael Proctor 29/09/15

Thanks for your help Adrian :) I have so far managed to formulate a PGD that my employer has accepted, but was rejected by Sefton CCG. Their rationale for refusing to facilitate pabrinex in a community setting was due to lack of evidence of it efficacy in a community setting, and it being more appropriate in an inpatient setting which as you will probably know as an alcohol nurse is absolute blasphemy. It would be handy if I could make contact and network with other service providers nationwide who have successfully managed to facilitate this medication in a community setting.

Kind Regards,


Adrian Brown 29/09/15

I wonder if they'd apply the same logic to other drugs given at home via clinics rather than in hospital?

Dr Irena Guerrini has researched community /outpatient settings I believe.

Also plenty of detail

Adrian Brown 29/09/15

Dr Irena Guerrini was certainly researching the community setting and might have recent data.
I wonder what is their evidence that Pabrinex is less efficacious in the community than in the hospital and if they'd apply that logic to other drugs for other conditions?

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