Have a Word

‘Have a Word’ built on the concept of ‘Making Every Contact Count” and refined it into “Making Every RELEVANT Contact Count”.  Emphasis is placed on finding and training the right person to intervene who:

  1. Sees the relevance of raising alcohol as an issue
  2. Is present (or can create) a ‘teachable moment’
  3. Has the time and confidential space to ‘Have a Word’

Public Health England commissioned Public Health Wales to pilot this programme across three areas in England - Yorkshire and Humber, the North East and the South West.  Each area establish an area-wide collaborative to plan and oversee the pilot.  A  “training the trainer” workshops was held in each area making use of the supporting materials from ‘Have a Word’. The pilots helped to refine the training and support materials from ‘Have a Word’ and develop a final set of materials to make available across England to support training and the implementation of IBA in the NHS and other settings.

Training and support materials

Training materials and other IBA support materials are available here to download and print at a local level: