The Housing Learning & Improvement Network (LIN) is the national network for promoting new ideas and supporting change in the delivery of housing, care and support services for older and vulnerable adults, including people with disabilities and long term conditions.

JSNA and Homeless Event June 2010

The Third London Alcohol Practitioners' Forum was held on Thursday 20th May at City Hall with the theme of alcohol related housing problems and drinking in the home. The Alcohol Practitioners' Forum is an information sharing and networking group that provides a pool of knowledge, skills and expertise to support the Joint Action Group (JAG) on Alcohol - established to deliver the Regional Statement of Priorities on Alcohol.

A briefing on Alcohol and Housing has been written by JAG based on feedback from this forum.

Presentations from the day were:

Session 1: Homelessness/Access to housing

  • Alcohol floating support/homeless prevention, Brian Watts, Equinox
  • Community Alcohol Detox with homeless people, Dr Merlin Wilcox

Session 2: Support within housing/Drinking in the home

  • Working with Older Drinkers- Greg Scott, Foundation66 Community Alcohol Support Service
  • Domestic violence and Alcohol Use - Embrace Project, Don Shenker, Alcohol Concern

Session 3: Unacknowledged Drinking in the Home

  • Harmful drinking in the home- James Morris, Alcohol Academy
    Royal Geographic Society Alcohol Research, Dr Steven Toole
  • Specialist floating support for BME groups-Foziha Raja, EACH

Session 4: The London Drink Debate

  • Introduction the LDD and its aims and feedback from the LDD initial report, Matthew Andrews, RPHG