Identification and Brief Advice

Several tools are available for Identification and Brief Advice (IBA) including a variety of training tools. NICE clinical practice guidance for alcohol use disorders recommends a FRAMES approach to screening and brief advice (interventions),


The SIPS controlled trials to test IBA in a variety of settings have completed and currently the research is awaiting peer review before publishing. You can view further details and the SIPS IBA tools here.

IBA blog

There is a dedicated Alcohol IBA blog (opens new window) run by the Alcohol Academy which provides the latest news, links and ideas.

Have a Word

The ‘Have a Word’ programme has been successfully piloted in England.  This well respected campaign was developed by Public Health Wales and Cardiff University as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to supports healthcare and community professionals to deliver IBA across a wide range of settings. 

Under Pressure

A publication 'Under Pressure: Tackling two of the most common preventable health harms in the UK: high blood pressure and excessive alcohol consumption' is a new report (published in September 2015) which sets out a series of recommendations to improve the management of hazardous, harmful and dependent drinking, especially in people with, or at risk of developing hypertension.

Identification Tools

The following tools have been revised and updated by the DH and SIPS:

Clarifying Brief Interventions

Audit and Pathway Tool

Structured Brief Advice Tool

This structured tool for giving brief advice is based on the 'How Much is too Much' patient leaflet originally produced by Newcastle University and the WHO collaboration. (DH, Revised Mar 2009 and Links updated July 2010 and PHE, revised in light of CMO guidelines, April 2016).

The 'Document in IBA for CQUIN' is a script that you can use if you wish.