Revised Ready Reckoner V5 Published May 2010


The DH Health Improvement Analytical Team (economics) has produced an updated ready reckoner to assist PCTs to select interventions to reduce alcohol related admissions in the short term. You can access the tool and guidance on how to use it below.

What has changed in Version 5 of the Ready Reckoner?

  • The sources for all data have been listed on each background data sheet.
  • The dependence figures have been updated making use of the 2007 Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (PMS) data.
  • PMS surveys provide Regional data on the level of dependence. The RR makes an assumption that within each Region, the level of dependence is proportionate to higher-risk drinkers in each PCT rather than it being the same in each PCT throughout the Region.
  • The input box for Treatment of dependent drinkers now allows the total number of new treatment places to be commissioned as the input.
  • The input box for GP screening has been changed allowing the total number of patients to be screened to be included. This number can include those new registrations targeted by the DES but also include other groups targeted by Local Enhanced Services (LES). The number of new registrations is estimated and listed.
  • The results gained from GP screening now show the results year by year. Previous versions of the RR showed all the results that would accumulate over four years all taking place in the first year.